Marketing Consulting for Video Game Developers

Combining my passions and turning a lifelong hobby into a career has proven quite challenging. But my list of clients in the gaming industry is growing faster lately, and I’ve had the pleasure of contributing regularly to, one of the top indie gaming websites.

My marketing approach has developed into a book, Dark Alley Marketing, which will be released as a digital download in June, 2018.

I started blogging about games a few years ago, initial to simply post reviews on cheap indie games. As I continued, indie developers began sending me their games for review. Some of them were really good, but completely unknown. To help them grow their audiences, I began lending my services as a marketing coach and consultant.

6 Simple Must-Haves for Your Indie Game Press Kit

Promote Your Game Without Spending a Dime

Why Your Indie Game is Doomed to Fail


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