Capital One Auto Finance – Technical Editing and Copywriting

Capital One offered a chance to switch gears and exercise a much more technical skill set.

Still holding the title of Copywriter, I spent most of my time here sifting through email documents and ferreting out errors in grammar, formatting and code. Errors included the standard proofreading stuff: typos, sentence structure and word usage. But I also had to ensure that Capital One’s strict brand standards were upheld in every email that went out. Every line of fine print had to be examined and approved per Capital One’s legal department.

Additionally, our team made use of Movable Ink and live optimization for testing and continually improving our open and click rates. We relied very often on complicated testing procedures, sometimes testing dozens of subject line/pre-header/body/CTA combinations.

I also learned a great deal about project management, even contributing to new methods for organizing and clarifying the steps in existing processes and creating new ways to organize multiple steps in many simultaneous projects.

During my time here, the emails I worked on were viewed millions of times. No pressure though, right?

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