Video Games!

I am a constant blogger of vids. I’ve been gaming my whole life, but only recently have figured out how to make a career of it.

I’ve contributed on Playmous Games’ Gemcrafter and Tap the Frog, but I have been most deeply involved with Dash Masters prior to its Android release.

During the months leading up to release, I acted as a consultant for Playmous, helping them with English translation and suggesting improvements for their marketing and in-game texts. I occasionally employed always-alluring alliteration. Like “Awesome arcade action!”


The description below the image is mostly mine. As is the brief plot introduction below:


A bit heavy perhaps, considering the cuteness of the protagonist. But I think it’s pretty good. And the client certainly liked it.

Another small contribution I made recently was for an indie developer Dann Sullivan. English is his second language and his Steam store ad was pretty difficult to understand. I quickly made an updated version and offered it to him to use. He was grateful and now I’m somebody in the Steam store too!




Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.03.40 PM.png


Not sure I would have went with “sophisticated traps,” but I kind of like it.

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