Premise Health infographic

Client-submitted copy came across my desk for an infographic. Good lord, that copy needed help.

“Edit this!” my editor sternly decreed. “Track changes! We need this today, dammit!”

I was — and still am — cool about this daunting prospect. How to turn almost 400 words into tight, infographic-worthy copy that doesn’t read like an 8th grade book report?

“I’ll fix this, boss,” I said grimly, my jaw set and implacable. “But the client’s feelings? Well, I don’t know what will fix them when I’m done. Their copy is …”

“Garbage?” The boss finishes, already moving on to the next task.

I didn’t reply. I just did work. The result is what you see here.Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 3.55.55 PM.png

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